If you're employed and have been thinking of running a business for a long time but haven't started, then you're probably suffering from the "Bear In A Cage Syndrome".

If you read this article to the end, not only will you discover what the "Bear In A Cage Syndrome" is but I'll also give you immediate access to solution that will rid you off that syndrome almost immediately.

Few years ago, in the US, there were some animal researches who wanted to do an experiment with a bear. What they did is go to the wilderness catch a bear and put that bear inside a cage.

In the first few days, this bear was so aggressive and was trying to do whatever it could to FREE himself out of captivity. He tried to bang, climb and push the cage but there was no way for him to get out.
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Whenever meat was sent to him, he became aggressive trying to kill the meat, something which was dead long ago.

After few days of aggressiveness, he slowly started to calm down. In his mind he knew that there was no way he was getting out of that cage, so it was even useless to even try. In other words we can say that his mind became "psychologically damaged."

The bear was now calm and never showed any signs of resistance. All he did now was eat, sleep and poo.

After few weeks of calmness, the researcher removed the cage to see how the bear would react. To his surprise, the bear just slept on his exact spot and did nothing. To motivate him to FREE himself, the researcher put a piece of meat few meters from the cage. The bear stood up, moved towards the border of the cage (which was no longer there) and never moved an inch more.

There was nothing that would make the bear move outside his mental cage. He accepted living in a small cage where meat was always thrown at him. That's the life that he came to accept. He was indeeed "Psychologically damaged"

Like the bear, millions of people around the world are living in a cage [JOB, which to my opinion is Modern Slavery] and find it difficult to get out even when that cage is removed and meat is thrown in front of them. Just like the bear, they are too scared to go for the meat.

And since they are so scared and don't want people to see how scared they are, they always come up with every excuse under the sun trying to show people that the cage really exists but in reality, isn't there.

If you ask them why aren't they building their own business, they'll start blaming the country, the economy, the politians, their religious leaders and some would even blame their parents and their awful childhood.

Most people don't understand that before the Industrial age there were more percentage of self employed/business owners than employees. Most people were entrepreneurs and had a FREE mind to do whatever they wanted, not what their bosses tell them. Unlike NOW back in the days, being employed was considered riskier than owning your own business.

It was in the Industrial age when the rich decided to enslave people through employment. You can read the book Conspiracy Of The Rich by Robert Kiyosaki to learn more of their schemes, formal education being one of them (they don't teach you to become financially successful in school, do they?).

If you're like that bear then my message to you is STOP!

Stop creating a cage which isn't there. There is no cage. It's all in your imagination!

And there are lots of meat out there for you to get your hands on. You deserve all the meat. But the only way for you to get your portion of the meat is if you decide to remove the cage, today, NOW! which in reality isn't there.

If you have a business you always wanted to build, then go do it RIGHT NOW. Stop looking for excuses. You have only one life to live and there is your success story waiting to be told.

If you don't know where to start then LEARN! Just the way you learned how to become a good employ, you can learn to become a great entrepreneur. There are numerous real life entrepreneurship courses (not MBA) which you can take immedietely to start.

In fact, I myself have setup up a FREE Strategic Marketing & Business Building Course which you can start immediately to turn on your entrepreneurship fuel.

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PS: And please, comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree, don't you agree. Is job really modern slavery?

Yours in success,
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