We did not come to fear the future; we have come to shape it” Barack Obama
Growing up in a disadvantaged background does not make you fear future
1.         Start with a vision: Where there is no vision people perish Prov. 29:18
A vision guides us towards attaining our goals

2.         Goals: A goal or objective is a desired result an animal, person, or a system envisions, plans and commits to achieve
Where do you want to go?
What do you want to achieve?
Use time to fix your goals - I want to achieve …..??? When??
Observation: Only 3% of people know how to set goals, 3% accomplish more than the other. 97% combined.
How to set goals
A goal properly set is half way achieved
“If you don’t know where you are heading you will end up somewhere else”
Components of goals setting (SMART THEORY)
1.         Goals must be SPECIFIC
I will save money in 2012
I will save Tsh 1000000 in 2012

2.         Goals must be MEASURABLE
Have a way to measure your progress i.e the goal to save can be measured by how much you have at the end of the target period.

3.         Goals should be ATTAINABLE
Should be meaningful, should be set by should be meaningful, should be set by you not somebody set them for you.

4.         Goals must be REALISTIC
Setting goals that are far beyond you helps you to realize your true potential
Break bigger goals to smaller goals i.e I will save 100,000 per month from January to December.

5.         Goals must be TIME BOUND
“Goals are dreams with deadline” Diana Scharf Hunt
I will save 1000000 by 31st December 2012. You can’t just say I want to get married. WHEN??
Goals without time bound makes someone relax and hence can’t achieve them
To achieve goals you need to have systems and resources to support you i.e family support, human material, financial resources
Ask yourself what is it that you want? Or want to be
What are your dreams? Don’t dream to be like someone else, dream to be what God desired you to be.
Learn how to convert your dream and goals into reality.
Dr. Miles Munroe said; “Grave yards are the richest places in the world because they keep people who died with their unfulfilled and unrealized goals”

Components of success
·         Planning
·         Hard work
·         Determination
·         Discipline
The central focuses of all these components need to be GOD
Plan – Do I need a new car or a used car?
Hard work – Goes with discipline

How do we effectively utilize resources to achieve our goals?
1.         Building your serving gradually. Prov. 13:11
2.         Money must work for you not the other way around. Eccl. 5:10
3.         Save and invest. Prov.21:20
4.         Avoid debts. Prov. 22:7. A debt is a bondage; we are designed to lend nations not to be of debts. Debt is dirty. Borrow wisely e.g in banks e.tc
5.         Be generous. Prov. 19:17
6.         Don’t accept bribes. Prov. 17:23
When you bribe you are hurting your future. What goes around comes around. Try by all means not to give or receive bribe.

Chris Mauki
Pretoria. South Africa


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