To successfully start and manage a business you must have what it takes in a few essential aspects. As a person you must be determined and hardworking.

I came to learn that a good number people who start business do not see their first birthday and very few survive to see their fifth birthdays. It is hard to find a founded wazalendo business that is more than 40 years old. Many people start businesses and close them when they are worse than how they started. But in my experience a lot of us need to be reminded that we assume we already know.

To successfully start and manage a business, as a person you must be determined and hardworking. Hard work is important because when you start a business, you are the manager, the marketer, the operator and basically everything. Ideally, the business does not have a lot of money to employ a big team. So you find yourself having to work between 12 to 16 hours a day.

When a business is new, it is not known to the customers, so there are fewer sales. Yet there are fixed expenses such as rent, transport, licenses, marketing, and feeding which have to be met. These expenses will drown your business, especially if your startup capital is small. So you must work hard, really hard, to ensure that your business does not collapse.

Do not let yourself be governed by chance, successful entrepreneurs are governed by skills. Skill means having the ability to perform. For instance if your business is a restaurant, can you cook food? If you can’t cook, do you have the ability to manage those who can do the necessary? Lack of ability to do it yourself and ability to manage others, to market and plan for your business has been cited as the greatest killer of infant businesses katika jamii yetu.

One may ask where they can get these skills. As the old saying goes, experience is the best teacher. You may have pursued a course in business management but this is not enough, especially hapa kwetu, the reality is often a bit different from classroom theory. This is why
I think our universities are not responding to the market needs, leaving peoples careers damaged. A tendency to concentrate on theory more than the practical aspects, this limits creativity.

Companies need sales persons yet have never heard of any college or university that offers sales as a course. People required to fill such positions are recruited and trained on the job. Therefore before you go into a particular business, you may have to find a similar organization and volunteer to work (without pay if necessary), so that you earn the knowledge and experience about the business. Others may go for practical training. If you can’t do both of the above then you can join up with someone who has these skills. In this case, the business will be a partnership but still this will depend upon your agreement. Important about skill is the ability to act quickly and wisely. This is important because a business like any economic opportunity has a life span, if you don’t exploit it quickly then the expiring date will catch you up.

Halafu pia a good number of the people who start businesses are employed elsewhere, and perhaps this is the reason most businesses fail. You must sacrifice the comfort associated with job security to succeed with your own enterprise. Starting a business means spending more time with business problems. Ideally, a new business is like a newborn baby.

In other words, you must be there for it or else it dies. Both you and your spouse (if you have one) must be emotionally invested into your new business. Anything less than that is likely to end in failure. Guys If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.


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