Your values have a strong impact on the goals you set for yourself.

A  Goal – Is something you plan to be, to do or to have and for which you are willing to work.
The goals you choose and the actions you take to reach them shows what is important to you and what not.
Types of Goals
  1. Short term goals – They can be achieved in a short time, or in a near future e.g. passing a test, passing an exam, giving an assignment, what to do today, e.t.c
  2. Long term goals– Takes time to achieve of a year or so e.g. going to University, become successful, having a family, constructing classes, trying to be a model school. etc.
Remember long term goals can be easily reached if short term goals are set first.
Group Goals
Group sometimes share goals, and plan to achieve them in group wise, e.g the school can have some goals, the class can have some goals.
Ask yourself; does your group have proper goals?
Will those goals take your somewhere?
There is a saying that “Aim high soaring, Aim low boring” This mean, when we are setting our goals we need to aim high.
For instance, Aim to get A when, you cant get it will go to B or B+. Let your students not aim at Div 2 or 3
Choosing Goals
When choosing goals, you must reflect on your values to determine what is important to you.
Parents, friends, relatives, lovers and even co-workers may influence your goals, however you must be sure that the Goals you set reflect what you want not what others want for you especially when it is personal goals.
To achieve any goal one must be committed to it so he/she will work hard to achieve it.

Draw a line between Dream and Reality
Sometimes our dream becomes motivators to achieve our goals.
Don’t set unrealistic goals e.g. you know you haven’t finish the syllabus and still expecting wonders in a national exams. Or a student has not read enough before national exam and still dreaming of Div 1.
Those who got Div 1 they didn’t dreamt for them but worked hard for them. Those who passed many in their classes they didn’t dreamt but worked hard for it. Even if they dreamt but their dreams were accompanied by hard working.
Achieving Goals
Once you have set meaningful and realistic goals use the following guidelines as you work to achieve them.
  1. Keep goals in mind
If you are not serious enough you can forget your goal
Maintain a mental picture of your goal
Write it down on a paper
What ever your goal, read it loud every morning and every night.
  1. Actively Pursue your goal
Even if you have a very good goal, it wont take you anywhere without action
Don’t just dream of things, work for them.
Don’t just dream of Good jobs, high degree, high performance e.t.c; WORK HARD
What ever achievement you get, even very little give yourself a positive reward as an incentive
  1. Be determined
Always there are obstacles, and hindrances to our goals on the way, deal and tackle them with confidence and hope. Don’t give up; there is always a reward after reaching your goal. You will forget all your tears and fears after getting there.

Understand the following as you are living
1. Time is short for everything in life.
2. The wisdom in life and our prosperity is determined by our ability to manage and effectively use our little time.
3. Developing time management skills is a journey that needs some guidance and practice along the way
4. One goal is to make yourself aware of how you use your time, as a resource in organizing, prioritizing and succeeding in your duties.
  1. PLAN:  Let your planning process involve the use of time (there is no plan without time span).
In planning you work out of what you want to achieve.
Determine what means to use so as to achieve what you want
  1. PERSONAL PLANNING: - “If you don’t plan you are planning to fail”,  Personal planning is done using “Goal setting style”
Benefits to Goal setting
(i)                 Forces us or shape us to achieve what we have plan at a particular time.
(ii)              Force us or shape to recognize our ability and competence, this give us confidence in what we do.
(iii)            It helps us to focus on the result rather than just being busy, busy for nothing.
  • Decide whether you are a morning, afternoon or night person, recognize your potentiality.
  • Plan what time to do quality works and what time to do light works e.g. ironing, photocopying, setting exams, discussing, taking notes etc.
  • Don’t ignore that quality food and quality eating increase our quality time for quality works. Don’t just eat because your hungry.
  • Give yourself a rest to add value to your quality time; a rest can be total rest or fun for rest (leisure).
  • Avoid accumulating or pilling up things until they are necessary to be done (Don’t do fire brigade style). Yes; some people work had under pressure but they work inefficiently. To enable this put your short term and long term deadlines.
  • Creating more time for yourself by
    • Delegating works to other subordinates, co- workers or students if possible.
    • Waking up so early.
  1. Do the list
·         Write down things you have to do
·         Decide what to do at the moment & what to schedule later
·         Decide what to get someone else do and what to push forward for the next day.

  1. Daily/Weakly Planning
·         Write down appointment, class meeting, on a chronological log book or chart
·         First thing in the morning check what’s a head for the day.
·         Always go to sleep knowing you are prepared for tomorrow.
  1. Long term planner
·         Use a monthly chart so that you can plan ahead
·         You need to learn to plan time for yourself so as to reach the long term goals.

Dealing with Interruptions
  1. Lean to say “NO” to some callings once your priorities are set. Turning down an invitation does not mean you will never be asked to do something again.
Weigh the consequences
Make a decision based on what you know is best for you at the time.
This will leads to greater respect from your friends
  1. Stay away from your telephone or mobile phone when you really want the work done. If it’s really important they will call back.

  1. If you are a skilled time mismanager these information may seem to enslave you to calendars, but in turn it will lead you to greater sense of freedoms and accomplishment, because you will be in control; That’s all self management is (managing your life more effectively)
  2. By following these suggestions you will be happier more satisfied and more reproductive, try it you will like it
  3. one last thing WEAR A WATCH


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