Ms seraphia Mgembe-Program cordinator for property and Business formalization programme in the President's office -State house-Tanzania.1172-Ayooub mzee,Prof E nnodozie - the chife UN economist,prof chantu feru of America University,Pfor Chan of the university of London and Generali ulimwengu
Tanzania represented  at the  Africa development  forum  in  addis  ababa- Ethiopia  today -ADF-VIII  foces on mineral, land, forest and fishery resources, and the potential roles these resources play in the transformation of the continent. Mineral resources extraction and trade constitute major economic activities in many African States, supporting economic and social development. Recent global commodity price hikes and increased flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) into mineral-rich States has caused the policy debate to resurface on how best to position the natural resources sector to enhance broad-based development. Moreover, the potential of marine mineral resources and urban mining are increasingly appearing on the development agenda and Africa’s constituencies will have to respond accordingly. Debating emerging strategies on sustainable mineral resources development (for greater contribution to overall development) and appropriate governance structures is therefore timely.


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