We’re going to use the A, B, C method from now on to break down everything
you want to achieve into small, manageable steps. Here is the A, B, C method
in simple terms.
A = Action
B = Belief
C = Consistency
If you combine these 3 elements, you’re guaranteed to find success in what you
want to achieve. So now I’d like to break down these 3 elements further to
explain exactly what I mean by each one.
These points are the foundation for this guide and must be the basis of each
and every thing that you do from this moment on.

Action – Taking action is the point in time when everything begins to
happen. It’s also the moment where you stop trying. It’s the very instant when
you realize that TRYING doesn’t exist. You simply can’t TRY to do anything.
You either are…..or you are not.
To make this point I’d like you, right now, to take a pen and place it in front of
you and TRY to pick it up…..Go ahead and TRY.
Now, did you pick it up? Yes? Then you didn’t TRY, you actually picked up the
pen. Place it down again, and TRY again. You’ll quickly see that you either
are…or you are not, picking up the pen.
The same goes with “Trying” to do anything.
People say it all the time….”I’m trying to lose weight” – “I’m trying to quit
smoking” – “I’m trying to build a business” – “I’m trying this….I’m trying to do
that….” It’s a habit that has been formed over time. The reality is, if you say that
you’re “Trying” to do something, you don’t have the second critical element of
success that we’re going to talk about.

BeliefBelief in yourself, belief that you WILL accomplish your goal, belief
that YOU, and you alone, are responsible for your own success or failure. You
must believe that you are the person who creates your life. It’s YOUR design,
and it’s YOUR responsibility to make it the life that exceeds your dreams.
At the very same time that you take action, you must believe that you are going
to accomplish your goal without a doubt. You must become the person you will
be after you’ve accomplished your goal in your own mind. So, for instance, the
person that says “I’m trying to build a business” but does not have the belief
they need to ultimately succeed has given themselves an out. Therefore, if they
fail to complete their goal, it’s okay, because they said they were just “Trying.”
They never actually said they were going to do it.
Now, let’s look at that statement again but with a slight change. “I am going to
build a very successful business.” It’s an exclamation of a specific action and it
comes through with conviction and a sense of belief that they are going to
accomplish what they set out to do.
People are drawn to other people who know exactly what they want and can say
with clarity what they are going to do to make it happen. It’s the very essence of
the book “The Secret”
Now, can that person also fail to accomplish what they said they were going to
do? Yes, if they don’t apply the third critical element of success…

I truly believe that this is the most difficult of the 3
elements. It’s the word that causes most people to fail. But it’s also the word
that can be the most powerful of the 3 critical elements of success.
Consistency is the act of doing a specific action over and over again. You’ll see
that the word “action” exists within this definition. So if someone consistently
follows through on the declared belief “I am going to build a very successful
business” and takes the actions necessary to make that happen, then they
MUST succeed. It’s only when they break the cycle of consistency that they can
indeed fail.
Think of water when you think of consistency. It’s much more effective for a
stream of water to consistently flow over a rock for a year to make it smooth
than to shoot it with a fire hose for an hour and then stop.
The same rules apply to your success. If you go out and expect to achieve
success by giving it all you’ve got for a day and then stop, you’ll NEVER
succeed. You must consistently take action until you achieve your desired
Now, of course, there are other elements that go into an action such as losing
weight, or eating healthy and exercising. So that’s why it’s also essential that
you break your actions down into specific, smaller actions, which coincide with
the completion of the larger task. We’ll go into this more later when we discuss
goal setting.

Right now I’d like to do an exercise in consistency. I’d like you to think of
something you would like to take action on, TODAY. It can be anything you
want. Saving money, losing weight, exercising, growing your
Now think about what smaller tasks need to be completed consistently in order
to achieve that goal. For instance, if you want to grow your business, you could
write something like “Make 10 networking calls per day” The key to this exercise
is to break down the task to realistic size goals that you BELIEVE you can
Remember your formula for success.

+ Belief+ Consistency= Success!


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