“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.” You could set goals all day long, but if you do not have a purpose to drive you then you will never reach them. Find your purpose and then you will have a clearer path to your future. If you do not have goals, you will not fulfill your desires and wants. In order to achieve your goals, you must possess certain qualities. You must be patient. You have to understand that everything isn’t going to be smooth sailing and happen just when you what it too. It takes time for you to be able to achieve your goals, it will not happen over night. You must be strong. You will have to take criticism well. Sometimes you may come upon an obstacle in your way that you may think that you can not overcome, but you can. No one said that it was going to be easy to achieve your goals, you are the one that set them and you will have to work to make sure that you reach them. You must be adaptable. You will need to know how to adjust to different situations and environments. You must look toward the sky. You must be able to believe that anything can happen. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything that you want to. It is entirely up to you how many goals you set for yourself.


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