Two Envelopes of the secret about life from God.

God created a man and other living things for a reason. He created nature and everything we see for a man, seas, lakes, oceans, mountains, sky, sun, moon, stars and many others. Because of his love, he put a man on earth surrounded by riches from nature. In order to avoid human struggle for riches from nature, within a man he created a unique treasure of life, the treasure of greatness, uniqueness, talents, intelligence, abundance, dominion and power.
The study of human history, the life we live today shows clearly that there is something about life within a man. I am convinced that a man was not made to live life of just getting by like any other animals. Human being is a miracle being created by God. The question is why, majority are just getting by? Is there any truth that some people were made to be great while others remain down in the sand like dust? Why? Is it true that God is unjust to that extent? Why sometime even unscrupulous one prosper while others still struggling? Where is the truth? What is wrong with the world? Those were questions in me during my search for the meaning of life.

My world was dark; I had no idea what I have to live for. I faced myself, I cried for my life. And one of my best friend thought that may be my cries was due to unemployment, hunger, pain, hardships I had with my family and problems I had with my girlfriend but in reality it was due to the reason of I being alive and the questions I had in mind. One day While in my room all alone the questions came in my mind; who am I? What do I want? Where I am I going? Am I a product of God or science? Am I just the combination of genes of my mother Chrincesia Kasunga and my father Antony Tenganamba? WHO AM I?
I felt like confused, I cried. But those questions opened my eyes within, thus why I love questions more than answers because sometime the question itself can be the answer itself. My life started the day I started questioning the reasons of life. I discovered that life is not working against me, but I am the one working against life. Circumstances are not working against me, I am the one against myself due to the way i view them and react to them. I discovered that there is no need to cry why there is no miracle in my life because I am the miracle myself.
I discovered that I am the infinite being, partner with my God and I am more than what I was and I am today. I discovered that I am the master of my own destiny, with the strength in me capable to be whatever I want to be. I am the world myself, with the courage to look the one I truly I am. I can create my own personality, my original one no longer afraid, I have confidence in me, I have peace and love in me. My God has entrusted me with myself I don’t have to let myself down or even to let others tell me who I am.
I was born to serve others and there is something in me, i must give out. Remember that even if there are some shortcomings in man, but there are thousands and thousands admirable qualities within him. Those were my discovery. Because of my continuous search and curiosity the other day at night while Dreaming, I saw two sealed envelopes of life on my bed one envelope written PENALTIES OF LIFE and the other written THE ABUNDANCE LIFE. The next day morning, I had no idea what was the meaning of that Dream.
My habit of questioning anything and curiosity led me to discovery of the meaning of my dream about the two envelopes. I now believe that there is a meaning in any amazing coincidence. Then the meaning of that dream came to me that your life contains of the two envelopes, the envelope of THE ABUNDANCE LIFE and the envelope of PENALTIES OF LIFE. You have your own envelope of your destiny, and it will depend on which envelope you open. THE ABUNDANCE LIFE envelope contains all the blessings of life such as love, sound health, peace of mind, freedom from fear, positive mental attitude, and material riches of your own choice, happiness, Dream and every good things of life.
The other is the envelope of PENALTIES OF LIFE contains ill health, fear and worry, indecision and doubt, frustrations and discouragements of life,poverty,envy,greed,anger, jealousy, superstition and other bad things of life. Your life depends on which envelope you open. Do not blame circumstances; blame your reactions to those circumstances. Do not blame the economy system; blame your envelope you have opened.
The reason why some people are rich, prosperous and happy while others are poor and unhappy, just struggling depend on the type of envelope each one has opened differently. Prosperous people are busy opening the abundance life envelopes while poor people are busy opening penalties of life envelopes. And that is life.
I love God; I believe that he will do something to your life only if you will decide to open the envelope of abundance life, then you will see life.

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