Everyone came here on this Earth without his/her consent and will leave without his/her consent. The time given for each one of us from the day we were born without our knowledge up to the day of departing without our consent is what we call life. In this life each one of us has something unique to unleash and give it out for a given time of life to benefit others.
Something to share, something to live for it may be a song, a book, discovery, business and many other things. Everyone has something for somebody, everyone has something for others.

You were born with Dreams and power to achieve them from within.

Your Dream is a reason of your life.

You are not here on this planet Earth to just exist, but rather to live your dream and contribute something of significance to others through your Dream.

It is true that life has a bad habit of burying our Dreams. Many of us when we were very young we had our own Dreams, maybe because of where we have been, people we associated with and things which we gone through made us to put aside and bury our dreams into the dusts and settled for mediocrity.

It is also true that all of us were born to live our life, but very few of us lives not because it is impossible but because we feel safe to just exist than to live. We feel safe to where we are, that we forget to look where we want to be and where we were made to be. We feel like it is hopeless, as if there is nowhere better to go.

We are stuck on where we are because of what we see, that we forget to Dream and no longer seeing where we want to be.

I have studied great leaders who changed the world, like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and many others and found that the good reason which made them to be Great leaders is not that they were potentially greater than you or anybody but because they focused where they wanted to be that they unleashed their power from within which each and every one of us possess.

They kept their eyes on the prize. They did not allow themselves to be distracted or even pulled aside from the path they have chosen. They had, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and were human being just like us, they made it because they focused where they wanted to be and not where they are.

Stay on track and focus where you want to be and not where you are.

Whether you have done it to be where you are or its been done to you, whether it is bad or good or both don’t stuck there, focus where you want to be.

Look away from your present circumstances, look away from your present problems, temporary defeats and pain and focus where you want to be.

Shake off whatever is holding you back and step up to where you want to be.

I know you may say that there are some circumstances in life you have to go with them, change your circumstances if you can’t change them then change with the circumstances but remain consistent preserving the same purpose of focusing where you want to be. Remember that you are in charge of your own life.

You are the composer of the music of your life. You are the designer of your own fate. Take trouble of focusing all attention and energy of becoming what you want to be.

Keep your eye on the ball, focus where you want to be. Stay motivated with your Dream in every minutes of your life, become more addicted on where you are going that nothing should stop you from moving to where you want to be, do the following:

1. Don’t get stuck where you are now.
Don’t rest on the past accomplishment or success that you rely on the reputation instead of focusing on where you want to be. Your little success can be a threat to where you want to be.

2. Don’t regret or complain.
Don’t mourn and regret for what you have lost that you lose a lesson from it, analyze it and move on to where you want to be. Don’t get stuck for what you have failed, rather go out there to find other ways to reach where you want to be. There is always way out for the seeker.

3. Don’t look where you don’t want to go.
Keep your eyes on the prize. No matter how discouraging the task may be, no matter how people treat you just ignore everything and focus where you want to be.

No matter what happened, stick to your purpose remember that the reason of your life is not your body existence but rather your purpose, your Dream that people may benefit from you even if you will not be there at some future date. FOCUS ON WHERE YOU WANT TO BE AND NOT WHERE YOU ARE.

Thank You For Your Time.


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