Get over being depressed because he broke
up with you.
Give your self-esteem and self-confidence
the boost it needs to get back up on your
feet again and face the world and find your
next relationship.
I'm sure you've felt bad about yourself after
breaking up with your partner.
These feelings of low self-esteem are often
caused by guilt over what had happened.
Let me tell you this: It happens to everyone
who has suffered through a break-up.
The thing is, we all deal with break-ups quite
differently from one person to the next.
Some people are able to bounce back and
move on.
However, some people suffer from guilt and
depression usually because of their low self
And this can lead to bouts of depression.
When that happens you will go through life
feeling bad about yourself, even when it isn't
You wind up not enjoying life, not do the
things you want to do, or not being able to
work towards your goals.
In short, you are incapacitated from doing
You can do things that will not only build up
your self-esteem, but at the same time get
rid of your depression so you can get back
up on your feet again.
Let me show these simple things you can
do right away so you can boost your self-
esteem and get a head's up against depression.
The good thing is, you can do these things
1) Focus on yourself.
That is to say, pay attention to what you
want and need.
By that I mean, listen to what your body
is saying. If you feel it wants you to take
a long walk, do so.
If you feel you need someone to talk to
seek out a friend and hang-out.
This also means to need to take care of
Eat healthy, exercise, do physical activities.
Take the time to enjoy things that you want
to do.
Start or finish a project that you've been holding
off doing.
Spend for yourself - buy clothes or even a
complete wardrobe.
Just don't overdo it of course or you may
wind up doing more harm than good.
Basically, make it a point to treat yourself
well everyday.

2) Be positive about yourself.
Get rid of all those negative thoughts and
bombard yourself with positive reinforcements.
By that I mean give yourself affirmations.
Repeat these positive words over and over
in your mind, or say it out loud to yourself.
If you want write it down for you to read or
to hang in your home where you can easily
see it.
This will take time and patience.
But slowly but surely you'll notice that after
a while all your negativity will be transformed
into positive energy.
3) Party it up socially.
Remember that famous line: "no man is
an island, entire of itself..."
Just as it says, you can't do it all just by
We are social creatures.
We long for companions to interact with.
Go outside.
Seek out your friends.
Refresh your contact with the rest of the
human race.
Friends and families are the best medicines
out there - for any and all kinds of ailment.
And do they work wonders, especially if
you're feeling down.
As you build your self-esteem you'll feel
better and you'll see that you are enjoying
life more than you did before.
You'll be able to do more of the things you
have always wanted to do.
More importantly, you will be able to get the
strength to get over your break up and take
take stock of your life and become happy.
Remember, your happiness gives you your
positive self-esteem.
And you can become happy again even aftera break-up.
You can start by being strong inside.
Make use of the power of affirmations in order
to charge your everyday life with the positivism
that will help you stave off the fear of the darkness
so you don't fall victim to your negative environment.
To your happiness,
DR Rose Windale


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