Life is the way you live at present and not think about the future.Good christian believes that God is the one who know the future.
But to think the future,you should keep your hopes alive in God.because is the one who controls your why should you be worried about tomorrow,think about the present.example,compare your life with the life of the birds of the air whose life is marvellous.
Eventually take a chance on your life with the help of God before you are captured by the opponent of God.
For your life to be marvellous or successful,you should do the following;
-Be a hardworking person
-Don't think what people gossip about your success
-Be a prayerful person
-Be courageous enough to cope with failures because they guide you towards good life.
NOTE:In life everything is possible just ask from God requesting him to "Give you the graces to accept the things you cannot change,the strength to change the thing that you can and the wisdom to know the difference"


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