A Letter For A President Part 7
"A Mask is never a face and no matter how close it be held to the skin it never become a real face. So a person or a Leader who is in love with citizens should not use a mask to hide his face just because he is weak he should be responsible and do something about it but must remain original.
Mr. President!
This is another part of the letter for a President; it has been some time since I wrote a letter to you Mr. President, as I told you that I have another mission in life to fulfill before I leave this Earth. I am self independent thinker who believes in the power of love in life. Dear Mr. President it is said that justification of living is love in some form.
It may be love for a cause, for people, for a country, for an ideal and many others. You remember that the last letter I wrote to you said that the government not in love with citizens is not fit to lead. And the justification of leading a country is love to citizens. A leader not in love with citizens is not fit to lead. Today I want to know from you whether the government is real for citizens, whether the government of yours is truly in love with citizens.

Remember I told you that I have a Dream, I was born to change the World thus why I am living in my own world, I am in love with Tanzanians, I am in love with human beings thus why I am fighting for a change, I may appear small but I am deeper than lake Tanganyika, wide than arctic ocean, longer than mount Everest, I can fly higher than an eagle and powerful more than the nuclear bomb named IVAN made by USSR because I was made by a Great God. In short I am powerful beyond measure. I am saying this to emphasize the importance of my mission in life. I don’t know for your case Mr. President.

I have been fortunate on meeting some of your delegates in different occasions Mr. President and I have found that there is a great problem with the way they are thinking, they don’t Dream for citizens. I know some are good in appearance but many are narrow minded. They don’t think critically, it is a big problem. Tanzania is facing great thinker’s leaders. A leader who do not Dream is not fit to lead. Tanzania is facing leaders who do not Dream. Many are living in habitual ways, taking things as they are without thinking this is a great loss. They are some people out there who can think for this nation if there is any problems over there tell us. And the greatest tragedy of all is that THEY ARE NOT IN LOVE WITH CITIZENS, THEY ARE IN LOVE WITH THEIR POSTS, and PARTIES AND STATUS. IN SHORT THEY ARE NOT FIT TO LEAD IF NOT FIT TO LIVE. You know it Mr. President; if you are not aware of it then this may be the GREATEST TRAGEDY OF THE GREATEST TRAGEDIES.

Tanzania needs dreamers and your system is lacking this. Tanzania needs leaders who are in love with citizens and your system is lacking that, and the great problem is that they are Monsters in the system and the system is taking its pace even to underground level. LET US REMOVE MONSTERS IN OUR GOVERNMENT, LET US DESTROY THE ROTTEN SYSTEM NOW AND START NEW IT IS POSSIBLE IF YOU AND ME WILL ALL FALL IN LOVE WITH TANZANIANS. We all have to be ashamed for being busy living and leading for nothing. Let us find solutions and results not excuses.

This country is facing problems because of the system, it is facing problems because leaders are good in giving excuses. How can one call himself a leader while he is not responsible for what he is leading? My lovely Tanzanians are panicking each and every day, scandals everywhere. No good news in this country, what is wrong with your government? Dear Mr. President Newspaper reporters wants to write good news about this nation, create them just for one week. I know you are aware of these dates 18th and 19th December 2011 many motorists, Tanzanians went into a panic due to shortage of fuel, Tanzanians are closing business because of this, your government system is rotten. And this is not the first time, why can’t we destroy it? We love you Mr. President we want you to do good in your government thus why I am writing this letter to you for the purpose of sharing ideas with you.

Remember I have all ability to be a President it is just that I have another mission in life to change this nation. We can’t all be Presidents to change this nation, we can’t all be politicians like Godbless Lema, Tundu Lisu and Nape Nnauye to change this nation but each one has his own call and mission to fulfill according to his own given gift and environment, remember that. I HAVE A DREAM MR. PRESIDENT. I don’t like what is happening to Tanzania, I don’t like what is happening to us, I know there is always a way out if you will think critically, otherwise the country may continue to face social economic problems and the government which is not in love with citizens will be losing its popularity day by day. Remember the first day on the first term when you announced your intentions to be our President, many of my fellow folks believed you and you were very popular by then but I don’t know if you are still the same the way many expected you. I know you can still do something about this as I believe the power of a man within.

Take these into account to change what is happening now. I can’t mention all that is happening but in short our country is facing social economic problems such as price fluctuations and many others if we don’t put a stop and concentrate on giving excuses by the end of January and February 2012 your government will be in trouble as I know what might happen regarding the economy of Tanzania. And if not careful you might lose credibility more than what you have lost, I don’t want that to happen. Let us all arise for Tanzanian, it is possible.

I am Geophrey Tenganamba who have a Dream for Tanzanians and beyond thus why I have books for them including the following : KICHWA CHAKO NI DHAHABU YA UTAJIRI,NGUVU YA KUJITAJIRISHA NDANI YAKO AND THE RICHEST GOLDMINE IN YOU. To get them contact: gtlivemore@gmail.com and +255714477218. These books are changing people and they going to do wonders. I want you to read them as well for a change.
My Mother once told me that: A Mask is never a face and no matter how close it be held to the skin it never become a real face. So a person or a Leader who is in love with citizens should not use a mask to hide his face just because he is weak he should be responsible and do something about it but must remain original.
Thank You Mr. President.See you soon for another letter for a President. ……..
Mungu Ibariki Tanzania
Mungu Ibariki Afrika

LOVE YOU ALL…..mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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