"A rotten egg is a rotten egg even if you decorate it with many beautiful colors, sweet smell and good things it is still a rotten egg there is no way you can change that but to remove it and cast it into the pit"

Dear Mr. President Hope that you are ok, some of Tanzanians asked me to greet you through this letter and they wish all the best in your dealings but some of them are very furious. May be let us assume that it is a part of life. As usual this is another special day for me to write a letter to a President. I don’t know whether the other previous parts of this letter for a President have reached you but It is not a reason for me not to write and it will never.

Dear Mr. President it is said that life exist because we exist and life sings because it has a song. The meaning is in the lyrics. I am writing this letter to you because I have something for this nation, I have a song for this nation, I have a Dream for this nation and I am seeing a treasure house in this country which many are not aware of it. And the problem some of your delegates are misusing them. You remember in the first part of this letter I told you that I wanted to be a President but today I found another great mission in life and for me it is greater than the word greater.

And the driving force of this letter is to express the power of LOVE. We live in the peaceful country in face value but it is not as such inside, a country led by leaders who lack love to citizens is not a peaceful country. A country which every leader is busy to get noticed not for love of citizens but for personal motive is a tragedy. I know many are talking too much, oooh we must preserve the peace established by Mw. Nyerere but they don’t know what peace mean. The true peace is not that which is created from threat, ignorance and fear but from love. A quite man in face value is not quite until is quite inside, a person who is happy in face value is not happy until is happy from the heart. Thus why we can’t say that Tanzania is a peaceful country in face value if within there is no love.

You are aware of this popular cleansing campaign known as KUJIVUA GAMBA . Sometime I do ask myself is this what they call the game of politics? I think politics in Tanzania is becoming illusion. I agree that you all want to build the good image to the public and it is well and good. For the government image as image is not enough but love to the citizens and commitment. Leaders who are truly in love with citizens are even ready to sacrifice their own bread for the people, do you realy think this game of KUJIVUA GAMBA is a true love to citizens of this country? And do you truly love your citizens as such? I may say the only leader who expressed the true love for citizens was Mw. Nyerere, he did not even struggled to so called KUJIVUA GAMBA to appear holy but actions of love were the true sign of GAMBA SAFI.

I know he made a biggest mistake of holding more power such that the government became greater than the individual which created depending citizens from the government, hoping the government to do thinking for them which was another tragedy of Mw. Nyerere. Thus why even today many Tanzanians are still crying : without Nyerere, without Nyerere, ooh nyerere, Nyerere is better. Yes we can cry all we want, and he was the best honest President with a true love but he was wrong to hold more power to himself as if no anyone like him or can think like him or more than him. There are Great people in this country, great thinkers more than Nyerere, it is just that those who are holding power now are not aware of it. Remember the meat of this Letter is THE GREATER THE GOVERNMENT THE SMALLER THE INDIVIDUAL. Good things of the nation are from citizen not from the government, if the government is greater than citizens how can they think for the good things of the country? Only developed Tanzanians can develop Tanzania and its government. Remember this some of the social economic problems we are facing is because of some few leaders fables because THE GOVERNMENT IS GREATER THAN INDIVIDUAL. Thus why these few individuals are even ready to intervene the process of reviewing of new constitution so that some of their dirty agenda or system not to be removed for them to enjoy that privilege.

Things are changing, people are changing, this is 21st century Mr. President thus why some of the things you don’t know about your government others knows them even those things inside state house. Even if I don’t know the agreements of You and delegation of CHADEMA officials reached but I am quite sure that some people are working so hard and some are your delegates to play a game with the constitution, so take this in mind. And I propose to preach love in your government for a change. I know that it is possible for a country like Tanzania to be more than America, if the President will understand why he should not hold more power to let people think of their own, work their own dream, think for the fate of their own nation and create their own constitution.

It is possible for this country to develop more than United states of America if we could have leaders who have a Dream and power to share those dreams to citizens with love. The problem is those who are working so hard to hold more power in the government they don't Dream, they live like faint carbon copy hoping to see changes in the government. And the greatest tragedy is they lack love, they are driven by personal motives and they are even ready to pay a lot of stolen money to create fake image to the public. It is possible if Tanzanians will believe this fact that the fate of this nation belong to them not to the leaders who dont know how to think. Thus why there is a need to clean our government not by polishing it or decorating it by marketing campaing called KUJIVUA GAMBA but by removing what is not right out of the system. It is possible to do that if you Mr. President love citizens from your heart. We may play all games of KUJIVUA GAMBA, KUJIVALISHA GAMBA,KUSAFISHA GAMBA and whatever name you will opt to call in future but we should not forget that a rotten egg is a rotten egg even if you decorate it with many beautiful colors, sweet smell and good things it is still a rotten egg there is no way you can change that but to remove it and cast it into a pit.
My mother once told me that: Not everything which is shining is clean, not everyone with money is successful, not everything which is small is small,not everyone who is quite and polite is living peacefully. Look into the records of the peaceful country on earth then you will see whether this is what they call peace. Remember that being quite does not mean being polite.

LASTLY I have Dream, to start with I am distributing the following books “ KICHWA CHAKO NI DHAHABU YA UTAJIRI, THE RICHEST GOLDMINE IN YOU AND NGUVU YA KUJITAJIRISHA NDANI YAKO”. These books are changing some of many Tanzanians, Zambians and Malawians and i am going beyond, remember to read books because i don't know if you do get a time to do so.
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