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Successful Business Principles for Letting God Be Your Guide.

1.Excel in Whatever Business God has Called You.
No matter if we are a small business owner or a factory worker, God has a calling on our life. What is key is that we seek God for our calling in our life, and then excel in it.See Scripture Commentary: Ephesians 4:1 advises us to walk worth in the vocation that God has called us.

2.Seek God to Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Without knowing a business’ strengths and weaknesses, a business owner can bring a business to ruin by making bad business decisions. It is critical that a business choose to place its resources and energy into what it does better than the competition.
3.Trust God Over Uncertain Profits.
As a business person we must remember to trust God over uncertain profits. Success in business can quickly go to one’s head. We can start to think that our current success and future success is based on our own capabilities.See Scripture Commentary: 1 Timothy 6:17 advises those that are rich to trust God over uncertain profits.

4.Seek Righteousness And Profits Will Come.
A Biblical principle that applies to business as well as to life in general is to seek righteousness first and increase will come. By seeking righteousness first in business, specifically God’s righteousness, we are trusting in God to help us and to guide us in our business activities.see Scripture Commentary: Matthew 6:33 advises us to seek first the kingdom of God and it shall be added to us.

5.Follows God’s Will to Continuously Innovate Your Business.
A Biblical principle for business as well as life is to not conform to this world, but continually transform by renewing our mind in what is in the will of God. This is the essence of innovation which is key for any successful business. God does not desire for us to get stuck in a rut doing the same old thing. He desires us to experiment, to seek, and to innovate in order to find out what his will is in any given situation.See Scripture Commentary: Romans 2:12 advises us to not conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind to what is the will of God.
See Scripture Commentary: Psalm 39:4 advises us to ask God to tell us our purpose and to measure us to tell us of our weaknesses.
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