Ujumbe wa makampuni kwa wateja wao ili kuchangia mfuko wa Zanzibar kwa maafa ya MV Spice Islander:

ZANTEL: Tuma neno ZNZ kwenda 15580. Utatozwa Tsh 200/= kwa kila SMS. Ili kuchangia zaidi, tuma sms nyingi zaidi.

TIGO : Tuma neno HELP kwenda 15741. Utatozwa Tsh. 400 kwa kila SMS. Ili kuchangia zaidi, tuma sms nyingi zaidi.

Kwa walio ng'ambo na wangependa kuchangia, tafadhali soma maelezo haya huenda yakakidhi haja:

On Friday 10th September 2011, the ferry M.V. Spice Islander, travelling between Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Pemba and Tanga, capsized in deep waters in the Pemba Channel, north of Zanzibar island.

The true numbers of those injured or dead in the tragedy has yet to be established, but it is now acknowledged that there were many more passengers than the 610 listed on the ship manifest. As of Saturday night, 200 are dead, 500 have been rescued and many are still missing. The full extent of the tragedy will not be known for several more days.

Saidia Zanzibar (www.saidiazanzibar.org) is an emergency fundraising website, to provide caring members of the public, in Zanzibar and the world at large, with a framework to commit some of their time and money for the assistance of those tragically affected by the disaster.

We will be posting updates in the coming days, including a Zanzibar bank account to which money can be sent, and details of those organizations to whom the money will be subsequently disbursed on your behalf.

The fundraising effort will be overseen by the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (www.zati.org), a registered NGO, who will co-ordinate donations and offers of assistance from their office located in the Cine Afrique in Malindi, Stone Town, Zanzibar.

Further updates will be posted throughout the period starting 12th September 2011. Email enquiries can be sent to saidia@saidiazanzibar.org

Kwa kutoa taarifa za maiti zilizopatikana na kupata taarifa za abiria waliopotea, piga simu kwa wahusika kupitia namba ya bure
+255 775 112 112

source: WAVUTI


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